The Post-Peabody St. Louis Week of Action is Coming!

Post-Peabody STLPeabody Coal is jeopardizing our planet, our health and our children. Everyday, Peabody’s coal causes global warming, ensuring we’ll have more summers of triple-digit heat waves and extreme droughts. Everyday, Peabody’s coal contributes to St. Louis’ high asthma rates, the number one reason children in St. Louis are hospitalized. And everyday until 2020, Peabody will not be paying $61 million in taxes to the city of St. Louis, thanks to a tax break that includes $2 million meant for our public schools.  Peabody’s disregard of the communities and environments in which they do business is not unique to St. Louis; all over the world, this corporation causes climate change, threatens peoples’ drinking water, withholds miners’ pensions and rips off Midwestern cities and towns.

Yet Peabody is trying to cover up its wrongdoings by engraining itself in St. Louis. Peabody has emblazoned its name on the Zoo, WashU, COCA and UMSL, led fundraising drives with the Komen Foundation to help “cure” the cancer it causes, and provided air-conditioning units to provide relief from the heat waves for which it is responsible.

The Post-Peabody St. Louis Week of Action is fighting back against Peabody’s attempts to buy up our city. We are exposing the true nature of Peabody’s business practices, because we won’t be fooled by a beautiful Opera House. To be a sustainable city, we need sustainable energy and responsible development focused on renewable energy and local communities – not giant coal corporations. We call on the City of St. Louis and all of our institutions to stand up for the future of our city and divest from Big Coal.

The Post-Peabody St. Louis Week of Action will begin October 22nd. If you'd like to get involved, please email arielle[at]

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