Statement from Resister in Big Mountain, Ariz.

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In January 2012 a Dine (Navajo) resister speaks about Peabody and the U.S. Governmentorchestrating the largest forced relocation since the Trail of Tears, as well as the destruction of sacred sites and traditional medicinal plants and herbs. Ultimately, he tells Peabody to leave his ancestral homeland in Big Mtn., Ariz.

In connecting colonial legacies, resource extraction disproportionately impacts indigenous communities, and the tragedy of strip mining in Appalachia started over 500 years ago with the first forced relocation of indigenous people in North America, such as the Osage and Shawnee. Two Big Mountain resisters, Black Mesa Indigenous Support (BMIS), Radical Action for Mountain Peoples' Survival (RAMPS) and Mountain Justice join MORE tomorrow to confront Peabody Energy at their home in St. Louis, Mo.

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