St. Louis' Sustainable Energy Future Ballot Initiative

MORE is working with St. Louisans for a Sustainable Future to pass a local city-wide ballot initiative. Check it out and get involved!


  • Asserts the right of St. Louis citizens to a sustainable energy future. As citizens, we have a right to choose which energy sources we want to use and pick sources that will create a healthy and stable climate.
  • Forces the City to divest taxpayer dollars from fossil fuel companies, as well as their bankers, lawyers and lobbyists.
  • Calls for a sustainable energy plan in the city that would invest public money in and open up LRA and LCRA land for renewable energy and sustainability initiatives like weatherization programs, urban farms and solar arrays.



This summer, St. Louis experienced exactly what continued carbon emissions will feel like for our region – triple-digit heat waves and extreme drought. On the East Coast, HurricaneSandy has been a forceful and terrifying indicator of the costs of inaction on climate change.

We need to change the way our city does development. The St. Louis Development Corporation does not need to give taxpayer money to the billion-dollar fossil fuel industry that is causing climate change, thereby threatening our and our children’s futures.  Instead, we need to shift those taxpayer development dollars into renewable energy

sources and sustainability initiatives that will create green jobs in a new local, sustainable economy.


Right now, the Mayor’s office has released a draft of its Sustainability Plan and is developing a Climate Action Plan. This initiative will give the plans some teeth, as well as provide much needed funding for renewable energy by realigning resources. The City has given fossil fuel companies in St. Louis many taxpayer handouts in the past few years; mostly notably, in 2010, Peabody Energy received a $61 million tax break that included $2 million meant for St. Louis Public Schools.


We need folks to help collect signatures, spread the word and build public pressure. Call 314-862-2249 or email Arielle at

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