Power Behind the Police



After Michael Brown's murder in August 2014, a movement calling for increased police accountability emerged in St. Louis and across the country. Whether we are walking down the street or at a protest, we see again and again that the police do not exist to to protect people of color, queer people, working class people, or any other "marginalized" folks--rather, they exist to protect the "St. Louis 1%" a.k.a. rich and powerful capitalists (including corporate executives, real estate developers, wealthy lawyers, and more).

The police exist to enforce the status quo: a city that is designed to benefit and generate profits for the 1%. In order to end racist policing and killer cops, we need a dramatically different economic system grounded in the notion that Black Lives Matter. We need the St. Louis 1% to stop impeding justice in our city.

This project aims to expose the St. Louis 1% so we can begin to organize and build power to transform our city.  



On the website for Power Behind the Police you will find:

1. Our list of the St. Louis 1%. New people will be periodically added to the list. Click on a 1%er's name for more information about them, including maps of their networks.

2. Updates on direct actions. We encourage people use the site as a resource for planning and publicizing actions!

3. Our vision for what #STLFreedomLooksLike. We know that the whole damn system is guilty as hell, but we also know that we can create the alternative society we want to live in. Our #STLFreedomLooksLike project aims to create a collaborative space online and offline for people to develop their visions for what a truly just St. Louis could look like and then build the political power necessary to make these visions a reality. 


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