The Network of Environmental Workers (NEW)

green_jobs.jpgWe believe that the ongoing climate crisis and attacks on workers necessitate new, experimental forms of worker organizing. NEW -- the Network of Environmental Workers -- is a group of green-collar workers and community allies dedicated to:

  • winning on-the-job justice for green-collar and low-wage workers, and
  • increasing the resources invested in St. Louis' sustainable economy.

We aim to challenge corporate power and emphasize the intersections between workers' rights, environmental justice, and climate justice. We define "green-collar workers" to include recycling center employees, solar panel installers, weatherization workers, energy auditors, brownfield remediation workers, sustainable architects, organic farmers, people who have completed green job training programs but have not gotten job in the green sector, and more. Currently, we are working with green-collar and low-wage workers who are taking action at their workplaces to address health and safety issues and wage theft. We use a combination of direct action and legal action to support workers fighting for more just working conditions. 

We are also engaged in the fight for a more local, sustainable, and green economy in St. Louis through our support of the Take Back St. Louis ballot initiative. We envision a different kind of economy that is based on sustainability and cooperation instead of relentless pursuit of profit at the expense of all else; good, green jobs are a cornerstone of a different kind of economy.

If you are interested in joining NEW, or are a worker with a health and safety or wage and hour complaint, contact Molly at 314-862-2249 or

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