MORE's Statement in Response to Peabody's Corporate Layoffs

Contact: Arielle Klagsbrun,
MORE's Statement in Response to Peabody Energy's Announcement of Corporate Layoffs
Today, Peabody Energy announced that it is laying off around 250 employees from its St. Louis corporate office. In response, Madeline Buthod, a member of Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment and a St. Louis Public School parent, released the following statement: 
In 2010, Peabody received tax breaks on $61 million of purchases to keep their 500 corporate jobs downtown. The City of St. Louis said that this tax package was a worthy investment, worth the $2 million taken away from the St. Louis Public Schools to pay for Peabody's new CEO office and corporate gym. Now that these jobs have disappeared, what will happen to Peabody's giant tax breaks? Will the City of St. Louis finally hold a corporation accountable and demand that Peabody begin to pay the taxes it should for the next 5 years? Will the St. Louis Development Corporation use its authority to clawback money owed by Peabody so that students in the St. Louis Public Schools can get money back for more textbooks and smaller class sizes? We need a local economy that is based on green jobs for our city -- let's invest in that. 
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