Housing / Foreclosures

We believe that housing is a human right and have engaged in several projects and campaigns to fight for affordable housing and more equitable access to land in St. Louis. We believe that cities are for the people who live in them, not for the developers, corporations, and banks that treat them simply as profit mechanisms. 


We have worked with homeowners facing foreclosure to save their homes and advocate for good local policies and interventions for stopping foreclosures. Using a combination of direct action, housing counseling, and legal advocacy, we have successfully secured loan modifications for numerous community members. Our work with the Home Defenders League is part of a national strategy to move the Obama administration to prosecute big banks that crashed our economy and give underwater and foreclosed homeowners a fair deal. 

Paul McKee

We have also engaged in a campaign targeting Paul McKee, the CEO of McEagle Properties who infamously began secretly buying parcels of land on the North Side several years ago with the goal of creating a massive "development" project called Northside Regeneration. McKee has been unwilling and unable to engage with the communities that are already living in the footprint of the Northside Regeneration project. Residents living in the footprint have joined with allies who oppose the corporatization and gentrification of St. Louis to fight back against Northside Regeneration. They have reclaimed a Mckee-owned lot and started North Side People's Park, launching a direct action and legislative campaign against McKee.  


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