Statement from Resister in Big Mountain, Ariz.

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In January 2012 a Dine (Navajo) resister speaks about Peabody and the U.S. Governmentorchestrating the largest forced relocation since the Trail of Tears, as well as the destruction of sacred sites and traditional medicinal plants and herbs. Ultimately, he tells Peabody to leave his ancestral homeland in Big Mtn., Ariz.

In connecting colonial legacies, resource extraction disproportionately impacts indigenous communities, and the tragedy of strip mining in Appalachia started over 500 years ago with the first forced relocation of indigenous people in North America, such as the Osage and Shawnee. Two Big Mountain resisters, Black Mesa Indigenous Support (BMIS), Radical Action for Mountain Peoples' Survival (RAMPS) and Mountain Justice join MORE tomorrow to confront Peabody Energy at their home in St. Louis, Mo.

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Statements from Arch Coal Disrupting Activists

Three Statements from Arch Coal Disrupting Activists:

Coal has always been in the forefront of my life. A UMWA pension is what kept food in my stomach and a roof over my head. The lure of the mines has attracted most of my family, a majority of the folks I went to school with, some of my greatest allies, and a group of pro coal protesters who serve as the little dutch boy with their finger in the damn.

I have seen coal wreck everything around me!  Mountains that once blanketed me in a sense of security, peace and the only place I call home. Arch along with other coal companies have spent the last 125 years destroying that home; with a heart of metal, and a mind of money they sink their teeth deep into the heart of Appalachia. They care for nothing, except draining the last profitable drop of blood out of West Virginia; they will not stop until every lump of coal is ripped out of the ground.

They ask us to compromise,  to believe that they hold the keys of progress and prosperity  in their hands. Arch tells us to think to think of the economy, to think about all the jobs they bring to my community. I will say once and for all TO HELL WITH THEIR ECONOMY! I will not allow their economy to kill any more of my friends.  I will not allow Arch another inch in this struggle; there will be a winner and loser in this fight for the future of Appalachia and it sure as hell won't be the coal companies.

Today, tomorrow, and every day for the rest of my life I will disrupt business as usual. From St. Louis to the strip site, from the city to the hollers, wherever they are I will be there fighting for every inch, fighting for every permit, and I won't stop until Arch is nothing more then a collective bad memory. So as they drag me out of their office, all their doing is empowering our struggle.

We are strong and we are everywhere. If there are extractive industries trying to exploit the land and the people, whether it be in the Tar sands in Canada, or Peabody trying to destroy the brave folks fighting for the ancestral way of life on Big Mountain we will be there to tell them either you are going to stop destroying our communities or you will be fighting me and all of my other allies until you put us in the ground!

For the land and the people,


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No Business as Usual for Arch Coal Today

CREVE COEUR, MO--Seven protesters disrupted work at Arch Coal corporate headquarters today by locking themselves together inside Arch’s office building. At approximately 9 a.m., three protesters disguised as delivery personnel wheeled a 500-pound potted plant filled with concrete up to the third floor offices of Arch Coal and locked themselves to the plant. Another four protesters dressed in business attire joined them and locked themselves to each other, effectively blocking people from entering or leaving the office, while another group of protesters entered the ground floor lobby and released helium balloons floating a banner with a drawing of a dragline that read, “John Eaves, your coal company kills.”

Balloon Banner reads "John Eaves, Your Coal Company Kills"
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Activists Disrupt Arch Coal Corporate HQ

Activists Occupy Arch Coal Corporate HQ

UPDATE: 3:27 pm CST: One activist is still locked down. The corrected bail amount is $1,000.

UPDATE 2:51 pm CST: Four of the activists have been cut out by the Fire Dept.  Three others remain attached to our potted plant.  Those that have been arrested were set a $10,000 bail.

UPDATE 11:03 am CST:  Supporters that sang this great song to Arch Coal have dispersed from the building. Fire Dept is on scene to attempt to remove activists locked down upstairs.

CREVE COEUR, MO --  Seven protesters affiliated with the RAMPS campaign (Radical Action for Mountain Peoples’ Survival), MORE (Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment) and Mountain Justice are locked down to a 500-pound small potted tree in Arch Coal’s third-floor headquarters while a larger group is in the lobby performing a song and dance.  Additionally, a helium balloon banner with the message “John Eaves Your Coal Company Kills”, directed at the Arch Coal CEO, was released in the Arch Coal headquarters.

Seven protesters locked down outside the corporate office of Arch Coal.
Seven protesters locked down outside the corporate office of Arch Coal.
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APPLY TODAY: For the RAMPS-MORE-BMIS Winter Action Camp!

St. Louis is home to five coal companies (including Arch, Patriot and Peabody) agri-giant Monsanto and leading frack sand provider (Mississippi Sands)--just to name a few.

As Arch attempts to destroy Blair Mountain, Patriot shirks paying thousands of retired miners’ pensions, Peabody continues to pollute water in Black Mesa, and so much more, their CEOs hide in St. Louis, far from most of the communities whose health, water and way of life they are destroying.

In January, MORE, RAMPS, BMIS and members of the Black Mesa/Big Mountain communities are coming together for the 1st urban Winter Action Camp in St. Louis as yet another part of the growing national uprising against economic and resource extraction.

Build community organizing & direct action skills. Hold CEOs accountable. Grow a movement. Join the winter action camp. Apply here today!


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Check Out the 1st Urban Winter Action Camp Here in St. Louis!

Beginning Jan. 7, 2013, RAMPS (Radical Action for Mountain Peoples’ Survival), MORE (Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment) and BMIS (Black Mesa Indigenous Support) will be hosting the Winter Action Camp in St. Louis!

Apply here today, space is limited!

This MORE-RAMPS-BMIS collaboration is yet another part of the growing national uprising against economic and resource extraction.  St. Louis is corporate headquarters to five coal corporations including Peabody, Arch and Patriot, as well as industrial agri-giant Monsanto. Participants will learn new skills and use them to engage in the current campaign against these corporations through direct action and community organizing.

We can’t wait to have you join us, learn new skills, build the movement and bring these skills back to your hometowns.

This intensive training camp will feature both a 2-week (ending January 20th) and an extended 3-week program  (ending January 27th).  The camp will involve two main tracks: direct action and community organizing (with overlap between the two).  Within the tracks, there will be other focus areas such as climbing, action media, corporate research and legal support.  The skills sets learned will be applied to community organizing projects and an action (or actions) targeting extractive industries during the camp.

Participating in this camp is a full-time commitment for either 2 or 3 weeks. We expect individuals to come wanting to work hard and stay the entire time. There will be a sliding-scale fee to cover housing and food, but we will not turn anyone away for lack of funds. All must be comfortable in a communal living environment of 40+ people. We will not tolerate harassment of any kind.  There is limited space so apply early!

Apply here today, space is limited!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact

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St. Louis' Sustainable Energy Future Ballot Initiative

MORE is working with St. Louisans for a Sustainable Future to pass a local city-wide ballot initiative. Check it out and get involved!


  • Asserts the right of St. Louis citizens to a sustainable energy future. As citizens, we have a right to choose which energy sources we want to use and pick sources that will create a healthy and stable climate.
  • Forces the City to divest taxpayer dollars from fossil fuel companies, as well as their bankers, lawyers and lobbyists.
  • Calls for a sustainable energy plan in the city that would invest public money in and open up LRA and LCRA land for renewable energy and sustainability initiatives like weatherization programs, urban farms and solar arrays.


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It’s Time to Bypass Our Elected Officials

3 Presidential debates and no mention of climate change. Now, with the effects of Hurricane Sandy sinking in, neither candidate is calling out what made the storm the catastrophe it was. Four years ago, that would have shocked and upset me, I'm not all that surprised. In 2008, both John McCain and Barack Obama spoke about the danger of climate change. I and thousands of other young people across the US dedicated ourselves to electing Barack Obama, because we believed he had a vision for stopping climate change and moving our country off of fossil fuels. I was confident that President Obama had the power and the will to pass a climate bill, because: if you understand the danger of climate change, how can you not work to fight it?

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Post-Peabody St. Louis Media Round-Up

Check out these press hits from the Post-Peabody St. Louis Week of Action!


RFT (good summary of the whole week):

WashU Student Life:

UMSL Current:

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St. Louis Activists Tell Patriot and Peabody to Pay Up!

St. Louis Activists Bring UMWA’s ‘Fairness at Patriot’ Message to Patriot’s Corporate Headquarters

On Heels of UMWA Lawsuit against Peabody, Patriot Officials Have “No Response”

Today, local activists, including Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment andJobs with Justice, carried the message of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) ‘Fairness at Patriot’ campaign to Patriot’s corporate offices.While police officers and the realtor kept activists outside, that group forced two Patriot officials to come downstairs. The Patriot representatives said that they had “no comment,” as activists reminded them their actions had the potential of killing ten thousand miners. Patriot Coal, which went bankrupt in July, is now threatening to shirk its pension and healthcare obligations to over ten thousand Appalachian miners.

“Patriot was a company set up to fail by Peabody Coal. Peabody purposefully passed off miners’ pensions to Patriot knowing that eventually Patriot would go bankrupt. The miners that made billions for these companies risked their lives everyday. Now, they must fight for their livelihoods, and we will hold Peabody Coal responsible,” said solidarity activist Andy Clubb of St. Louis.

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