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St. Louis, Missouri

November 5, 2014

Organization for Black Struggle (OBS) announces Freedom...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, September 26, 2014

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MORE Jail Support Team Calls for Immediate Release of Arrested Ferguson Activists

Five activists remain in St. Ann Jail on 24- hour hold 

Last night, seven activists were arrested at a peaceful march in Ferguson calling upon Police Chief Thomas Jackson to resign.

Around 11:30 p.m., the police detained seven activists, including St. Louis independent journalist Umar Lee. Taurean Russell, one of the group’s police liaisons, then approached the police to try to persuade them to release the detainees. The police agreed to release the detainees if the group moved onto the sidewalk. However, after the group moved onto the sidewalk, the officers reneged on their promise and took the seven activists to jail in St. Ann.

One activist was released early this morning after being taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries he sustained after being beaten by the police. He was not charged.

The MORE jail support team has confirmed that five activists are still in jail in St. Ann, where they have all been put on a 24- hour hold. They have not yet been charged. MORE condemns the...


Contact: Legal Support Team, 314-862-2249

7 Arrested in Ferguson Were Sitting in Cars, Some Were Dragged Out by Hair

**Arrestees are available for interviews.**

Two different groups totalling seven people, charged with failure to disperse, were arrested in Ferguson this morning at approximately 1:30am. Five out of the seven people were released this morning at 7am. The Legal Support Team picked the arrestees up from the Buzz Westfall Justice Center in Clayton and received the following report of how arrests happened last night.

The first group was comprised of five people who had been at the Justice for Mike Brown march earlier in the evening. After leaving the march, they went to the home of one of their aunt’s on Kirk Drive. They were sitting in their parked car in front of the house smoking a cigarette when a swarm of police officers dressed in fatigues and what the arrestees describe as “military garb” rushed the car, put guns in their faces, and began pulling them out of the car. Two young women were pulled out of the car by their hair, and one...

Please donate HERE to the bail fund to help release those arrested in Ferguson protests standing for Justice for Mike Brown! 

Since the killing of Mike Brown, dozens of people have been arrested by the Ferguson police for participating in protests. This bail fund has been set up to support all people currently in jail.

All people, regardless of their charges, have a right to legal representation. We know that currently public defenders are overworked. If you are a lawyer and are interested in doing support for those arrested, please email If you are interested in helping with jail support as a volunteer, please email If you know people who are currently in jail, also please email

According to the law, each person is innocent until proven otherwise; however, this is not how the system plays out on a day-to-day basis, particularly for communities of color. Mike Brown’s murder is only the most recent reminder that the United States criminal justice system is at war with many of our communities. We see daily that the criminal justice system impacts people of color much more severely than white people --...

MORE’s Statement in Response to Peabody’s Demand that EPA End Carbon Regulations

Today, Peabody Energy, based in St. Louis, testified in an EPA hearing in Washington DC. Fred Palmer, the Vice President of government relations, testified and demanded that the EPA withdraw its proposal to regulate carbon emissions. In response, Peter Thacher with Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment released the following statement:

Peabody Energy’s testimony today demonstrates this company’s purposeful ignorance toward the detrimental effects that climate change will have on St. Louis and the Midwest, such as increased heat waves and extreme weather events. While Peabody says they care about “energy poverty,” Peabody’s behavior in St. Louis says otherwise. Peabody has received millions of dollars in tax breaks meant to go to the disadvantaged St. Louis public school system even as they have created no new jobs at their headquarters. Instead, they used their tax breaks to put in a new office gym and build out their CEOs office. When citizens in St. Louis have tried to redirect tax dollars to help create green jobs, Peabody blocked these efforts. Peabody’s “energy poverty” rhetoric is just their newest attempt to lock us...

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